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 -  Conference News
Conference and Research Symposium news
Quarterly EE policy opportunities update
 -  eeJOBS Newsletter
Weekly job listing for the EE field
 -  eeNEWS (nonmember)
Bi-weekly nonmember version of eeNEWS
 -  GEEP News
Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) quarterly newsletter
 -  Natural Start Alliance Newsletter
Monthly newsletter for early childhood environmental education
Custom eePRO Groups (2016)
 -  Advocacy, Policy, and Civic Engagement
Bringing EE to our communities for increased quality of life, and rallying support and recognition for the field
 -  Climate Change Education
Using EE to leverage support climate change education
 -  Connecting to Nature
Fueling passion with a restorative and meaningful connection to nature
 -  Conservation and Behavior Change
Resolving environmental challenges through behavior change
 -  E-STEM Education
Fostering critical thinking and cross-disciplinary ideas on real-world connections
 -  Early Childhood EE
Network and exchange ideas with other early childhood educators and workers
 -  Equity and Inclusion
Discussing opportunities to increase our cross-cultural understanding and exchanges
 -  Global EE
Leveraging international support for EE, and creating inclusive and broad-range programs
 -  Government EE Agencies
For anyone interested in government agencies with EE responsibilities
 -  Guidelines for Excellence
Reflecting on and improving your practice using the Guidelines for Excellence
 -  Higher Education
Using higher education to broaden our reach and ensure a productive future of passionate eePROs
 -  K-12 EE
Share resources for nonformal and formal settings, and take action for a greener future
 -  Research and Evaluation
Discuss studies and research that could improve your practice, substantiate the field, and improve program evaluation
 -  Spirituality and EE
Discuss ways that EE and spirituality are interconnected, and have been or could be integrated in different spaces
 -  Sustainable Cities and Communities
Dive into the ins and outs of building sustainable communities and teaching EE in urban and other settings
 -  Young and Emerging Professionals
Jump-start your EE career and discuss unique opportunities and challenges of being a young or emerging professional